The Swimmers 2022

2022, Biography, Drama, Sport
The Swimmers 2022

Title:- The Swimmers 2022
Directors: Sally El Hosaini
Writers: Sally El Hosaini, Jack Thorne
Cast: Matthias Schweighöfer, Manal Issa, Nathalie Issa
Genre: Films 2022 |Biography, Drama, Sport
Rating: 7.4/10
Synopsis: Directed by Sally El Hosseini – She wrote the screenplay for Enola Holmes and His Dark Materials – The Swimmers is a film divided into three parts: The first takes place in Damascus, where after 2015 have become terrorist attacks. Thus we are introduced to Yusra and her sister Sarah, two happy and carefree teenagers living in Damascus in 2011. Their father trains them both as swimmers, but it is clear that he prefers Yusra, younger, more determined, good at school and dedicated to sacrifices. Troubled by this difference, Sara pays less attention to swimming and prefers to celebrate with friends. Photographed, as if everything referring to the Middle East, with a color palette dominated by yellow and orange, this first part of the film shows us the growing family tension in the face of an increasingly volatile situation, to the point that the father and sisters Yusra And Sarah finally gives up and decides to support their trip to Germany, where a friend promises to welcome them. Watch free The Swimmers 2022 movie in full High-definition video on Lookmovie. You can also Stream online many more latest movies. You don’t need any registration to join us free.