The Retirement Plan 2023

2023, Action, Comedy, Crime
The Retirement Plan 2023

Title:- The Retirement Plan 2023
Directors: Tim Brown
Writers: Tim Brown
Cast: Nicolas Cage, Ashley Greene, Ron Perlman
Genre: Films 2023 | Drama, Horror, Thriller
Synopsis: Very little planning went into the action comedy The Retirement Plan: Cast Nicolas Cage, make him the good guy, and have him kill a whole bunch of bad guys. The premise is certainly entertaining, but it’s a very broad, very over-the-top repurposing of an action thriller into a comedy. Jimmy and Ashley are on the run from bad guys who will kill them if they don’t get what they want: an important USB drive. They need an escape plan. Their escape plan is to hide the drive with their young daughter Sarah and send her to the Cayman Islands with an address and two names. One of them is sure to be that of her estranged grandfather, who knows nothing of her existence and imminent arrival. Viewers can enjoy trending Look Movie collections without any membership fees.