The Perfect Find 2023

2023, Comedy, Drama, Romance
The Perfect Find 2023

Title:- The Perfect Find 2023
Directors: Numa Perrier
Writers: Tia Williams, Leigh Davenport
Cast: Gabrielle Union, Keith Powers, Gina Torres
Genre: Films 2023 | Comedy, Romance, Drama
Rating: 5.2/10
Synopsis: The Perfect Find opens with fashion pro Jenna Jones still at her parents’ house and dealing with a public breakup and shooting a year ago. When she decides to return to the game in town, she has to plead with her rival Darcy to give her a job. He gets six months to help Darcy’s fashion outlet Darjeen bring in more customers. There, she is paired with Eric, a handsome young film school graduate. She and Eric met at a party and had a relationship, before she discovered he was her co-worker and, as later revealed, Darcy’s son. The two perform creative magic and find themselves falling in love, despite their age difference and Darcy’s possible disapproval. Watch The Perfect Find full movie in 1080p HD print on Look movie without signup.