The Penthouse 2021

2021, Thriller
The Penthouse 2021

Title:- Night of the Sicario 2021
Directors:- Massimiliano Cerchi
Writers:- David Schifter
Cast:- Michael Paré, Nicholas Turturro, Krista Grotte Saxon
Genre:- Film 2021 | Thriller
Rating:- 3.8/10
Synopsis: Massimiliano Cerchi has given direction to a thriller film, The Penthouse 2021. The movie story follows a couple who have shifted to their dream penthouse. They love watching the boaters in the water daily. On a day, they come across a boat owner by chance and the owner misjudged Peter for hiding something. This all created problems in their lives turning their happy life into nightmares. David Schifter is the writer of the thriller story of the movie. Let’s watch will a skeptical detective be able to stop the problems that occurred in the life of the happy couple. Looks Movies website is the platform for Hollywood movie lovers, here you can enjoy newly released films for free.