The Pale Door 2020

2020, Horror, Western
The Pale Door 2020
Directors: Aaron B. Koontz
Writers: Cameron Burns, Aaron B. Koontz
Cast: Melora Walters, Natasha Bassett, Zachary Knighton
Genre: Film 2020 | Horror, Western
Rating: 3.9/10
Descriptions: Stream The Pale Door 2020 movie free in 720p Quality. The world of the Wild West is friendly only to those who shoot well and are not afraid to break the law for the sake of profit, and the Pearl brothers’ gang comprises such determined guys. The most profitable event in this environment is train robbery but this time the dashing guys meet unexpected resistance and one of the Duncan brothers who is also the leader gets a bullet. Instead of gold they find a girl named Pearl in the taken away chest. Since the wounded man needs urgent medical attention, the heroes get to a small town the location of which was suggested to them by the freed beauty. Arriving at the place they are surprised to see empty houses and only in a brothel local ladies give a warm welcome to newcomers. But in reality, loving prostitutes turn out to be bloodthirsty witches and their guard predatory werewolves hungry for human flesh. Now you can enjoy lookmovie free online without paying a dime.