The Painter 2024

2024, Thriller
The Painter 2024

Title:- The Painter 2024
Directors: Kimani Ray Smith
Writers: Brian Buccellato
Cast: Charlie Weber, Jon Voight, Madison Bailey
Genre: Films 2024 | Thriller
Synopsis: When Peter was a child, he and his parents were killed in a terror assault that he escaped. He was enlisted in the CIA and trained by his agency’s head, Byrne, who took him in and raised him as his own son. Peter’s sense of hearing is enhanced. Even the smallest vibrations in distant sounds trigger his hypersensitivity, causing him to immediately detect and become cautious. He was enlisted as a result, making him an asset of the CIA. Elena, his wife, works as an operator as well. Elena is still working hard at her job despite being pregnant as the movie opens. You can find here newest content through Look movies website with no cost.