The Legacy of the Bones 2020

2020, Crime, Thriller
The Legacy of the Bones 2020

Directors: Fernando González Molina
Writers: Luiso Berdejo, Dolores Redondo
Cast: Marta Etura, Nene, Leonardo Sbaraglia
Genre: Film 2020 | Crime, Thriller, Horror
Rating: 6.2/10
Descriptions: The action takes place on the territory of the autonomous community in northern Spain. It was here that a year ago a series of terrible crimes were committed, uncovered by inspector Amaya Salazar. She is in the last month of pregnancy but Amaya does not go on maternity leave, continuing to do work. When the trial draws near, the offender is found dead, he committed suicide. 4 months have passed since the events shown in the movie Legacy of Bones. Amaya is happy and enjoys family life with her husband and son. But suddenly she is called to work. The chief asks Amaya to conduct two secret investigations.