The Infernal Machine 2022

2022, Thriller
The Infernal Machine 2022

Title:- The Infernal Machine 2022
Directors: Andrew Hunt
Writers: Andrew Hunt
Cast: Guy Pearce, Alice Eve, Alex Pettyfer
Genre: Films 2022 | Thriller
Rating: 5.1/10
Synopsis: The acclaimed author of “The Infernal Machine,” the reclusive and contentious Bruce Cogburn. He is forced to come out of hiding when he starts receiving unending letters from a devoted follower. The hunt for the source of the mysterious messages leads Bruce down a perilous rabbit hole that finally forces him to face his past and expose the real meaning of the book. The Infernal Machine, a podcast adaptation by The Hilly Earth Society, masterfully builds up the suspense before the disappointing finale, which causes the bubble to break. Catch the trending movies and tv shows online in HD format on Looksmovie website.