The Boarding School Murders 2024

2024, Thriller
The Boarding School Murders 2024

Title:- The Boarding School Murders 2024
Directors: Alexandre Carrière
Writers: Jason Byers, Richard Pierce
Cast: Hannah Galway, Nicole Amber Farrugia, Christina Cox
Genre: Films 2024 | Thriller
Synopsis: Frankie is given an opportunity to leave her foster care home and attend a prestigious Swiss boarding academy. However this chance comes with a deadly consequence when one of her classmates is mysteriously killed and Frankie becomes the target of blame. The story then shifts to New York USA where Frankie, now an emancipated teenager, anxiously awaits news about her acceptance into Loumix an elite boarding school in Switzerland. Excitedly Frankie packs her bags and prepares to join the “helping hands” program. Before leaving, her friend Trina gives her a bracelet as a token of their friendship. To calm her nerves Frankie listens to the soothing melody of a wind-up music box. Upon arriving at the academy Frankie meets her roommate Jacqueline who is diabetic and quickly becomes friends with her. Jacqueline guides Frankie through the ins and outs of the school and warns her about certain girls to avoid. Lookmovies allows you to search content by a number of different criteria such as year and movie.