The Beautiful Game 2024

2024, Drama, Sport
The Beautiful Game 2024

Title:- The Beautiful Game 2024
Directors: Thea Sharrock
Writers: Frank Cottrell Boyce
Cast: Micheal Ward, Beckett Handley, Tahvae Hunte
Genre: Films 2024 | Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Synopsis: With the intensity of a bouncing ball, “The Beautiful Game” launches into a poignant journey through the highs and lows of life, love, and football. This film is written by Frank Cottrell-Boyce and directed by Thea Sharrock. The ever-entertaining Bill Nighy now in charge, taking up Mal’s shoes, a coach with more grit than a pair of well-worn studs. The gifted Michael Ward plays Vinny, a recluse with such much grace on his feet that he could dance through the streets of Rome. He is paired with him. They embark on an incredible trip to the Homeless World Cup in the Eternal City together, leading a motley crew of misfits. Catch most recent available Hollywood content via Look movie website.