Sympathy for the Devil 2023

2023, Action, Thriller
Sympathy for the Devil 2023

Title:- Sympathy for the Devil 2023
Directors: Yuval Adler
Writers: Luke Paradise
Cast: Nicolas Cage, Joel Kinnaman, Alexis Zollicoffer
Genre: Films 2023 | Thriller, Action
Synopsis: Sympathy for the Devil is directed by Yuval Adler, featuring Nicolas Cage as a mysterious crazy person dressed completely in red and colored his hair red to match. Cage is accompanied by Joel Kinnaman as the driver, who finds himself held hostage by this utterly helpless passenger, who insists that he remembers seeing David back in Boston. David must find a way to escape the night and return to his wife before she gives birth. Nicolas Cage’s wildly entertaining, over-the-top performance is the only reason to watch for Sympathy for the Devil. Watch Online new released Hollywood Action movies online on Lookmovies at home without subscription.