Strip Down, Rise Up 2021

2021, Documentary
Strip Down, Rise Up 2021

Directors: Michèle Ohayon
Writers: Michèle Ohayon
Cast: Amy Bond, Jenyne Butterfly, Genellyn Driver
Genre: Film 2021 | Documentary
Rating: 4.9/10
Synopsis Strip Down, Rise Up, a documentary written by Michèle Ohayon. This documentary type movie revolves around those women who have bad life stories due to sexual assaults happening to them. Sheila Kelley is a character in the movie who started an initiative to help the suffered women. They want that these women should get good recognization back in society. She is working on women so that they could find their erotic body which can save them from shameful factors. Look Movies‘ online streaming site is having many old released Documentary movies published on it, Documentary movie Lovers can enjoy them also.