Book of Love 2022

2022, Comedy, Romance
Book of Love 2022

Title:- Book of Love 2022
Directors: Analeine Cal y Mayor
Writers: Analeine Cal y Mayor, David Quantick
Cast: Sam Claflin, Verónica Echegui, Fernando Becerril
Genre: Film 2022 | Comedy, Romance
Rating: 5.5/10
Synopsis: Book of Love 2022 stars Sam Claflin who acts as author Henry Copper. His book is a painfully dull novel and gigantic flop. After some time he learns that the book is a bestseller in Mexico. He is now come to book a tour with his translator, María. When Henry reached there in Mexico to find out that something has gone terribly wrong with his novel. That is now a steamy romance book. This new Hollywood film is directed by Analeine Cal y Mayor. Enjoy free streaming of new movie content with LooksMovies website.