Space Cadet 2024

2024, Comedy
Space Cadet 2024

Title:- Space Cadet 2024
Directors: Liz W. Garcia
Writers: Liz W. Garcia
Cast: Emma Roberts, Tom Hopper, Poppy Liu
Genre: Films 2024 | Comedy
Synopsis: Nadine takes care of the essay requirements, creating a mini-plot in which the goofy best friend tries to serve as several references for Rex while Logan calls to see how the trainee is doing. Thankfully, this is a minor portion of the feature, which is usually preferable when it centers on the primary character. Still, it’s unnecessary high jinks for “Space Cadet,” and Liu is a little harsh on the senses with her wide swipes at the silliness. The majority of the project is around Rex’s time at Johnson Space Center, where he experiences the typical personality conflicts while competing against Stacy, a type-A competitor for a small number of mission seats. Rex flirts with Logan while also keeping up a friendship with her insecure roommate, Violet. You can select movies that are ranging from old classics to modern at Lookmovie site.