Snack Shack 2024

2024, Comedy
Snack Shack 2024

Title:- Snack Shack 2024
Directors: Adam Rehmeier
Writers: Adam Rehmeier
Cast: Conor Sherry, Gabriel LaBelle, Mika Abdalla
Genre: Films 2024 | Comedy
Synopsis: In Nebraska City in 1991, the whole summer is spent in front of A.J. and Moose, two friends for life. The two have a good idea of what they want to do. They make and sell homemade booze when they’re not hitching rides across the Iowa state line to gamble at the off-track. A special chance arises when A.J.’s parents give their son a deadline for obtaining employment. Here comes Shane, a friend of the boys who is heading to college and a lifeguard at the neighborhood pool. He suggests that the two submit a bid at the city council meeting for the nearby “Snack Shack.” After a few devious plans, an inflated monetary amount of $3,000 and a depleted savings account, A.J. and Moose manage to obtain their own piece of paradise. You can use search filter to access whatever you want on Look movie streaming platform.