Shotgun Wedding 2023

2023, Action, Comedy, Romance
Shotgun Wedding 2023

Title:- Shotgun Wedding 2023
Directors: Jason Moore
Writers: Mark Hammer
Cast: Jennifer Lopez, Josh Duhamel, Lenny Kravitz
Genre: Films 2023 | Action, Comedy, Romance
Rating: 6.2/10
Synopsis: Darcy and Tom have been living together for many years. Darcy and Tom won’t soon forget this day. The two fly to the Philippines for their planned wedding against a dreamy backdrop, accompanied by their rather idiosyncratic families. While the relatives soon practice a disagreement under the palm trees, Darcy’s former view turns into a matter for all people. The family’s blessings are one-sided and the couple turns cold. Even that was just the beginning, as suddenly a dozen heavily armed gangsters are on the beach and are taking the wedding party hostage. Only the newly married couple who are busy getting ready are still free. Now they have to try to end the terror on their own. Watch free online Shotgun Wedding in HD Quality on Lookmovie.