Sharper 2023

2023, Crime, Drama, Thriller
Sharper 2023

Title:- Sharper 2023
Directors: Benjamin Caron
Writers: Brian Gatewood, Alessandro Tanaka
Cast: Justice Smith, Briana Middleton, Sebastian Stan
Genre: Films 2023 | Crime, Drama, Thriller
Rating: 6.6/10
Synopsis: Sharper story start with Tom, In his youth, Tom experienced a lot. Most of it really wasn’t very pleasant. In the meantime, however, things have settled down and he leads a secluded life in a small bookshop. That’s about to change when he meets Sandra, a schoolgirl who visits the store one day. Tom regains consciousness immediately, takes her with him, everything seems to be going well after all. For Max, on the other hand, things are looking pretty bleak. His past has also been no less wrong. The present doesn’t look any better. It is also causing problems for his mother, Madeline, who is now married to billionaire Richard. Watch free Sharper 2023 in full HD quality on Look Movie without subscription and advertisement.