Shark Bait 2022

2022, Thriller
Shark Bait 2022

Title:- Shark Bait 2022
Directors: James Nunn
Writers: Nick Saltrese
Cast: Holly Earl, Jack Trueman, Catherine Hannay
Genre: Films 2022 | Thriller
Rating: 4.1/10
Synopsis: Shark Bait 2022 is an action horror film about a group of pals who were stranded on a damaged jet ski and must fight off hungry animals. Nat and her boyfriend Tom are spending Spring Break in Mexico with their pals Greg, Tyler, and Milly. They just have to go out of this situation. Sharks strive to find a way home with a severely injured mate while waiting beneath the water. They decide to go jet skiing after a night of drinking. Despite Nat’s reservations, They decide to steal a pair of them because the rental office isn’t open yet. Are you looking for fresh Hollywood releases online? guess what you can watch out here on the Look Movies website.