Rumble 2021

2021, Adventure, Animation, Comedy
Rumble 2021

Title:- Rumble 2021
Directors: Hamish Grieve
Writers: Hamish Grieve, Matt Lieberman, Rob Harrell
Cast: Geraldine Viswanathan, Will Arnett, Stephen A. Smith
Genre: Film 2021 | Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Rating: 6.0/10
Synopsis: Rumble 2021 film is directed by Hamish Grieve. The story takes place in a world where humans and big creatures live peacefully side by side. All the globe follows the competitive sport of Monster Wrestling wherein a city’s giant alongside a mankind trainer set up in matches with monsters from another city. The place of Stoker-on-Avon was once home to the legendary monster and coach team of Rayburn and Jimbo Coyle before they were tragically lost at the ocean and assumed dead. After some time Avon’s new monster, Tentacular becomes the world champion only to announce afterward he’s abandoning Avon for a lucrative offer with the city of Slitherpoole. Stream new Hollywood movies on LookMovies streaming service for free.