Risen 2021

2021, SCI-FI, Thriller
Risen 2021

Title:- Risen 2021
Directors: Eddie Arya
Writers: Eddie Arya
Cast: Terri Purchase, Natalie Rose, Buffy Anne Littaua
Genre: Film 2021 | Sci-Fi, Thriller
Rating: 4.1/10
Synopsis: Risen 2021 movie is directed and written by Eddie Arya. This movie stars Terri Purchase, Natalie Rose, Buffy Anne Littau. In this movie, Disaster unfolds in Badger a farming town in the state of New York. When a meteor strike contaminates the air, turning it toxic. People begin to die. The entire town drop-dead – plants, animals, and humans. Lauren is an exobiologist and tracked by Homeland security. She called to find answers for this unearthly event. She reluctantly gets involved in the effort to solve the ensuing crisis. An other-worldly object has grown at the site of the meteorite impact. look movie tab is having many more similar types of movies streaming online for free.