Poker Face S01E08

2023, Crime, Drama, Mystery
Poker Face S01E08

Title:- Poker Face S01E08
Directors: Natasha Lyonne
Writers: Rian Johnson, Natasha Lyonne, Alice Ju
Cast: Natasha Lyonne, Nick Nolte, Cherry Jones
Genre: Films 2023 | Crime, Drama, Mystery
Rating: 8.4/10
Synopsis: Poker Face was an amazing journey into the world of special effects. These masterpieces of terror and horror were fun to watch, until the real-life murder turned scary. The series is thoroughly entertaining every week due to the talent of its guest stars. Nick Nolte, Luis Guzm├ín, Cherry Jones and Tim Russ bring anger, depth, remorse, revenge and longing to the author’s words. It was as if the audience was literally descending into a special hell with extraordinary props. As a former theater teacher, I loved revealing reality. Watch online Poker Face S01E08 in full HD quality on Look Movie.