One More Shot 2024

2024, Action, Thriller
One More Shot 2024

Title:- One More Shot 2024
Directors: James Nunn
Writers: James Nunn, Jamie Russell
Cast: Scott Adkins, Michael Jai White, Alexis Knapp
Genre: Films 2024 | Action, Thriller
Synopsis: The movie is a sequel to One Shot 2021, in which rebels stormed a CIA covert location in order to liberate a British terrorist who was allegedly preparing a dirty bomb plot. This time, Waleed Elgadi plays terrorist Amin Mansur and the CIA has information that the bomb has been sent to the US and will go off in a few hours. Mansur has been flown in to divulge the location and they are using his pregnant wife as leverage as well. But a private army of mercenaries storms the airport before the CIA can apprehend Mansur. One More Shot, like the original, was shot to seem to be one continuous take. Visitors can watch full movies without creating an account through Lookmovie 2 website.