One Life 2024

2024, Biography, Drama, History
One Life 2024

Title:- One Life 2024
Directors: James Hawes
Writers: Lucinda Coxon, Nick Drake, Barbara Winton
Cast: Lena Olin, Johnny Flynn
Genre: Films 2024 | Biography, Drama, History
Synopsis: One must not undervalue Anthony Hopkins’s power. In One Life, one of the greatest actors of all time he keeps proving why. He has the ability to suddenly unleash his magic and make most audiences cry, and that is exactly what he does in this instance. He is only a small portion of the movie but undoubtedly its high point. The story takes place in both the past and the present as the older Winton found himself thinking back on his past. Nicholas Winton is a British stockbroker who visited Prague in 1939 and helped countless Jewish children escape the grasp of Adolph Hitler and the Nazi regime as part of a volunteer operation prior to World War II. Look movie provides a wide selection of films, TV episodes and web series.