Nyad 2023

2023, Biography, Drama, Sport
Nyad 2023

Title:- Nyad 2023
Directors: Jimmy Chin, Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi
Writers: Diana Nyad, Julia Cox
Cast: Annette Bening, Jodie Foster, Anne Marie Kempf
Genre: Films 2023 | Biography, Drama, Sport
Synopsis: Diana Nyad appeared to chop off a similar piece of cloth as Honnold. She became well-known in the 1970s after breaking multiple world records in swimming, including the fastest time ever in the 22-mile Gulf of Naples race and the fastest time ever in the 28-mile circumnavigation of Manhattan in less than eight hours. She lacks the ability to say “no,” which makes her a real pain in the ass to her friends and trainers, who constantly beg her to see the consequences of her irrational behavior. Despite all of her accolades and accomplishments, she has always been missing one thing: the 101-mile swim between Key West, Florida and Havana. As the name suggests, Look Movie is the perfect platform for those who prefer TV series to films.