Hollywood Stargirl 2022

2022, Comedy, Drama, Romance
Hollywood Stargirl 2022

Title:- Hollywood Stargirl 2022
Directors: Julia Hart
Writers: Julia Hart, Jordan Horowitz, Jerry Spinelli
Cast: Julia Hart, Jordan Horowitz, Jerry Spinelli
Genre: Films 2022 | Comedy, Drama, Romance
Rating: 5.6/10
Synopsis: Hollywood Stargirl 2022 follows Susan “Stargirl” Caraway and her mother, Ana, as they relocate to Los Angeles. Stargirl is irritated by Ana’s continuous movements and her inability to stay in one location long enough to create a true friend while she seeks a new professional opportunity. Stargirl captures the attention of Evan, her new neighbour, not long after moving in. Evan is a determined young guy pursuing his Hollywood goal by co-producing a film with his elder brother Terrell. Fortunately for him, his leading woman arrives just in time, and Stargirl can connect to his narrative. Grab the collection and enjoy LookMovie 2022 new movies and Tv series without any payments.