Burial Ground Massacre 2021

2021, Horror
Burial Ground Massacre 2021

Title:- Burial Ground Massacre 2021
Directors: Daniel Dahlstrom, David Gere
Writers: David Gere, Eric Weinstock
Cast: Michael Madsen, Chelsea Vale, Vinny Marseglia
Genre: Film 2021 | Horror
Rating: 6.6/10
Synopsis: Burial Ground Massacre is a horror movie in Hollywood that is directed by Daniel Dahlstrom and David Gere. The actors who gave a wonderful performance in the movie are Michael Madsen, Chelsea Vale, Vinny Marseglia. The story is about a group of students who is in a mansion when they going somewhere. Here they plan to steal the antique artifacts which are available in the mansion. But they didn’t know the stalker knows everything and he gives them punishment when they start their plan of stealing. Lookmovie2 tab is having many more similar types of movies streaming online for free.