Neon Lights 2022

2022, Thriller
Neon Lights 2022

Title:- Neon Lights 2022
Directors: Rouzbeh Heydari
Writers: Dana Abraham, Nikolas Benn, Rouzbeh Heydari
Cast: Dana Abraham, Kim Coates, Brenna Coates
Genre: Films 2022 | Thriller
Rating: 4.7/10
Synopsis: Neon Lights 2022 follows Clay, a guy on the verge of losing his job as CEO of Tempest Tech and, potentially, his sanity. During an early interview in the film, his own questionable mental health concerns torment him, and the discussion swiftly goes off the tracks when the reporter refuses to toss softball questions his way. Following this breakdown, Clay goes off the grid, retiring to an estate in order to reconnect with his family and ground himself in the midst of the hectic days leading up to Tempest’s IPO. What starts out as a family reunion gradually becomes dark, devolving into a disorganised nightmare. No membership and fees are needed for free movies on the Lookmovies website.