Mummies 2023

2023, Animation, Comedy, Family
Mummies 2023

Title:- Mummies 2023
Directors: Juan Jesús García Galocha
Writers: Jordi Gasull, Javier López Barreira
Cast: Óscar Barberán, Ana Esther Alborg, Luis Pérez Reina
Genre: Films 2023 | Animation, Comedy, Family
Rating: 5.9/10
Synopsis: Mummies 2023 is the directorial debut of Juan Jesus García Gallocha, from a screenplay by Javier López Barrera and Jordi Gasul. Mummies film follows the adventures of three mummies who live in a secret underground city unknown in ancient Egypt. Thoot used to be a charioteer, who no longer competes after a tragic event. He spends his time signing papyri and entertaining his younger brother Sekhem and their pet crocodile. The two siblings meet Princess Nefer, who loves to sing but is expected to marry and continue the dynasty as the Pharaoh’s daughter. Watch Online latest Animation movies at LookMovies.