Love Again 2023

2023, Comedy, Drama, Romance
Love Again 2023

Title:- Love Again 2023
Directors: Jim Strouse
Writers: Jim Strouse, Sofie Cramer, Andrea Willson
Cast: Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Sam Heughan, Céline Dion
Genre: Films 2023 | Comedy, Drama, Romance
Rating: 6.0/10
Synopsis: Written and directed by Jim Strauss, “Love Again” is based on the 2022 novel “Text for You” by Sophie Kramer. There is not a single thing in this terrible film that is clever or surprising. “Love Again” begins by showing children’s book illustrator Mira Ray meeting her 34-year-old fiancé, John Wright, on a lunch date at a local cafe. John’s occupation is not mentioned in the film. Meera and John sweet talk and plan to meet later. After a series of well-attended chases, he hooks Meera up with the mysterious texter and they begin dating, without her knowing that he is receiving her texts from his dead partner. Of course, all this is witnessed by Dion and his words of wisdom. The film tries hard to convince the audience that Meera’s messages, which cross the line into harassing a stranger, are perfectly normal and acceptable, when they are not. Stream online Love Again 2023 full movie in HD quality on Lookmovie. Stream all collection of new movies without registration.