Loki S02 E02

2023, Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Loki S02 E02

Title:- Loki S02 E02
Directors: Dan DeLeeuw
Writers: Eric Martin, Michael Waldron
Cast: Eugene Cordero, Jack Cunningham-Nuttall, Sophia Di Martino
Genre: Shows 2023 | Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Synopsis: As the God of Mischief faces with the significant consequences of that encounter at the End of Time, Loki season 2 is currently in full swing. In episode 2, Loki embarks on a search for Sylvie after learning that she has vanished due to branching histories. The most recent episode also has some really significant revelations, moral ambiguity and additional time-bending perplexity. In the second episode, Loki and Mobius begin their search for Sylvie by going undercover in 1977 London. They end up at the premier of The Zaniac!, a movie starring Brad Wolfe, who appears to be a familiar face. Only on LooksMovie website, viewers can watch all of their favorite Hollywood films and shows online.