Lady Ballers 2023

2023, Comedy, Sport
Lady Ballers 2023

Title:- Lady Ballers 2023
Directors: Jeremy Boreing
Writers: Jeremy Boreing, Brian A. Hoffman, Nick Sheehan
Cast: Jeremy Boreing, Billie Rae Brandt, Daniel Considine
Genre: Films 2023 | Comedy, Sport
Synopsis: Coach Rob Gibson is a three-time state winner in high school athletics. He is also the protagonist of Lady Ballers. In the fifteen years since his last victory, Gibson’s life has fallen apart. His wife, Dharby filed for divorce. He had recently lost his job as coach of reprobates at the town’s juvenile facility. Even worse, the CD shop where he used to work has been converted into Dollies, a drag restaurant. His top athlete, Alex Cruise, works as a blonde-bewigged waitress at that upscale restaurant. When Gibson finds out there is a $5,000 prize for the neighborhood decathlon, she arranges for Alex to participate as a transwoman. Alex wins every category and smashes all previous records in the shot put and javelin. Stream and find latest Hollywood titles on Look movies streaming website.