Justice Society World War II 2021

2021, Action, Adventure, Animation
Justice Society World War II 2021

Title:- Justice Society World War II 2021
Directors: Jeff Wamester
Writers: Jeremy Adams, Meghan Fitzmartin
Cast: Matt Bomer, Omid Abtahi, Geoffrey Arend
Genre: Film 2021 | Animation, Action, Adventure
Rating: 6.7/10
Synopsis: The film started with The Flash and Iris West enjoying their picnic in Metropolis. When a disaster strikes, The Flash arrived there and helped Superman, the Man of Tomorrow to handle Brainiac and his army. Flash channeled the Speed Force quickly when Brainiac shot a Kryptonite bullet. Barry has defeated a group of Nazis and protected Trevor, so the team took him as an ally. Barry takes Trevor to the base so that he will learn about a secret team of superheroes, JSA which he does not know earlier. Lookmovie Online Free films streaming platform has a great collection of animated movies watch now.