Jewel 2022

2022, Drama
Jewel 2022

Title:- Jewel 2022
Directors: Adze Ugah
Writers: Glenrose Ndlovu, Adze Ugah
Cast: Michelle Botes, Connie Chiume, Chris Djuma
Genre: Films 2022 | Drama
Rating: 3.2/10
Synopsis: Jewel 2022 story follows Tyra, a photographer touring South Africa, shooting pictures for travel magazines. Specifically, the Sharpeville massacre that occurred on March 21st, 1960. Thousands of protestors, some say peaceful demonstrations, others say rocks had been thrown. Either way, a rock or two is the excuse the police needed. This was the excuse for opening fire and sending tear gas into the crowd that day. In total, 69 people lost their lives, and 80 were injured, including 29 children. So, there is a deep history that haunts the township of Sharpeville. Viewers can watch popular movies of Hollywood on via Looksmovie streaming website.