Infinity Pool 2023

2023, Crime, Horror, Mystery
Infinity Pool 2023

Title:- Infinity Pool 2023
Directors: Brandon Cronenberg
Writers: Brandon Cronenberg
Cast: Alexander SkarsgÄrd, Mia Goth, Cleopatra Coleman
Genre: Films 2023 | Crime, Horror, Mystery
Rating: 6.9/10
Synopsis: Novelist James Foster suffers from writer’s block after publishing his first book. To find inspiration for his next work, he travels with his wife M to the island of Tolca, where they plan to spend their holidays at an exclusive luxury holiday resort. There, the two enjoy the sun on the pristine beach and find themselves being pampered by the courteous staff. James’s ego is bruised by his lack of progress at work, but he is boosted when he is approached by the attractive Gabby Bauer, a guest at the facility with her husband, Alban. Despite being forbidden from going through the site cordon, the two couples take a trip around the area, but upon returning, James runs over a local man in the dark. Watch free Infinity Pool 2023 in full HD on LookMovie Horror without registration.