I Saw the TV Glow 2024

2024, Drama, Horror
I Saw the TV Glow 2024

Title:- I Saw the TV Glow 2024
Directors: Jane Schoenbrun
Writers: Jane Schoenbrun
Cast: Justice Smith, Brigette Lundy-Paine, Ian Foreman
Genre: Films 2024 | Drama, Horror
Synopsis: I Saw the TV Glow is a 2024 horror drama film about a teen from a suburban area becomes intrigued by an enigmatic late-night TV program. A glimpse of an otherworldly realm inside their own. Reality and time start to blend together after the unexpected cancellation of the broadcast. Everything is centered around The Pink Opaque, a late-1990s television program targeted mostly at female teenagers. Their somewhat unusual connection begins when seventh-grader Owen. Maddy meets in the ninth grade, shows interest in learning more about the program. After a few years, Maddy has been surreptitiously leaving Owen VHS tapes of the show. Browse 2024 best horror movies through Lookmovie new site.