Hunting Ava Bravo 2022

2022, Action, Thriller
Hunting Ava Bravo 2022

Title:- Hunting Ava Bravo 2022
Directors: Gary Auerbach
Writers: Julie Auerbach, Kevin Tavolaro, Marc Blucas
Cast: Kate del Castillo, Marc Blucas, Halem Medina
Genre: Films 2022 | Action, Thriller
Rating: 4.4/10
Synopsis: Hunting Ava Bravo 2022 follows Buddy King, a multibillionaire sportsman, relaxes by stalking victims of horrifying tragic occurrences. On his isolated mountain estate, he kidnaps them and hunts them down. His newest victim, is not an easy mark. When Ava strikes back at her deranged prisoner, a brutal will struggle ensues, and soon a greater menace emerges from deep beneath the cold woods. Buddy King, a multimillionaire hunter, relaxes on his secluded mountain home by hunting captive humans. Enjoy 2022 popular Hollywood genres on Looks movies streaming website.