How to Rob a Bank 2024

2024, Action, Crime, Documentary
How to Rob a Bank 2024

Title:- How to Rob a Bank 2024
Directors: Stephen Robert Morse, Seth Porges
Writers: Maxim Gertler-Jaffe, Stephen Robert Morse, Max Peltz
Cast: Scott Scurlock, Ellen Glasser, Shawn Johnson
Genre: Films 2024 | Action, Documentary, Crime
Synopsis: The world’s greatest bank robber, Scott Scurlock, often known as “Hollywood,” is the subject of this documentary. The movie looks into his life, how his criminal career started and how it ended. Actors portraying important parts from the documentary include Kurt Ostlund as Mark Biggins, Jordan Burtchett as Scott and Chezca Vega as the Female Vault Teller. When I first saw the title How to Rob a Bank, I thought it would be about the strategies employed in actual bank robberies. But instead of just being a how-to manual, it was clear from watching the Netflix documentary that the story goes deeper into the tale of Scott Scurlock and his bank heists. For Tv series and movies, explore easily Lookmovie 2023 collections.