G-Loc 2020

2020, SCI-FI
G-Loc 2020
Directors: Tom Paton
Writers: Tom Paton
Cast: Stephen Moyer, Tala Gouveia, Casper Van Dien
Genre: Film 2020 | Sci-Fi
Rating: 4.2/10
Descriptions: G-Loc 2020 is the latest hollywood movie in high definition quality. The film takes place in the near future. Our planet is on the verge of extinction as it faces a new ice age. Scientists are trying with all their might to find a way to save our civilization. They find a portal leading to the wonderful planet Reya, completely suitable for life. The first ships are sent to new territory to colonize it. After a while, the rest of the settlers also went there. But no one could even think of an unfriendly welcome awaiting them. It turns out that the first settlers took advantage of the time difference and prepared for an armed meeting of unwanted guests. Bran Marshal is a spaceship captain who survived an aggressive encounter. Didn’t his passengers have a chance to escape? Browse unlimited lookmovie online free movies in high definition quality.