Blue Bayou 2021

2021, Drama
Blue Bayou 2021

Title:- Blue Bayou 2021
Directors: Justin Chon
Writers: Justin Chon
Cast: Justin Chon, Alicia Vikander, Mark O’Brien
Genre: Film 2021 | Drama
Rating: 7.1/10
An American man of Korean descent grew up in the swampy countryside of Louisana, and his family had to work hard to support himself. Soon, however, he will have to face his past and its consequences, as he may even be deported from a country he can truly call his homeland. Blue Bayou’s director’s seat may have been occupied by Justin Chon, who, while mostly testifying to his acting talent, can still be associated with earlier directories such as Ms. Purple, Gook, and Man Up. Starring Justin Chon, Alicia Vikander, Mark O’Brien, Linh Dan Pham and Emory Cohen. Here on the Lookmovies website, you will get to watch a huge collection of similar drama movies, Stay tuned and keep watching new films for free and online.