Fool Me Once Season 1 2024

2024, Crime, Drama, Mystery
Fool Me Once Season 1 2024

Title:- Fool Me Once Season 1
Directors: David Moore
Writers: Harlan Coben, Daniel Brocklehurst
Cast: Samuel Glyde-Rees, Edward Harper-Jones, James Northcote
Genre: Films 2024 | Crime, Drama, Mystery
Synopsis: I was a little let down when the show premiered and Michelle Keegan portrayed the stunningly little former army captain Maya Stern. This little woman was supposed to have been a fierce soldier and I thought it was ridiculous. I completely understood the casting when she began to speak and we witnessed her response to those who attempted to intimidate or denigrate her. She is one fierce little lady, bloody hell! Michelle Keegan plays Maya Stern flawlessly. From her direct approach to any problem to the way she interacts with people. She often accurately captures the essence of everyone she speaks with. To enjoy the full movie experience, you can watch movies on Looksmovie website.