Float 2024

2024, Drama, Romance
Float 2024

Title:- Float 2024
Directors: Sherren Lee
Writers: Jesse LaVercombe, Sherren Lee, Kate Marchant
Cast: Robbie Amell, Sarah Desjardins, Andrea Bang
Genre: Films 2024 | Drama, Romance
Synopsis: Waverly believed she understood what lay ahead for her. After spending the summer visiting her parents in Taipei, she would begin her medical residency in Toronto. She takes an impetuous detour to a small Canadian village after her plans are abruptly altered and she meets Blake, the lifeguard there. Blake agrees to teach Waverly to swim after saving her from almost drowning during a beach party. The lessons go on from there. Unexpectedly, the two start to fall in love. When the summer ends, though, will Waverly’s plans to start a new profession and Blake’s ties to his past keep them apart? based on Kate Marchant’s book. The user interface on Lookmovie website is much smoother than on others.