Five Blind Dates 2024

2024, Comedy, Romance
Five Blind Dates 2024

Title:- Five Blind Dates 2024
Directors: Shawn Seet
Writers: Shuang Hu, Nathan Ramos-Park
Cast: Shuang Hu, Yoson An, Jon Prasida
Genre: Films 2024 | Comedy, Romance
Synopsis: While spending time with her family in Townsville to celebrate her sister Alice’s engagement. Here, Lia, the proprietor of a tea store is given an unwanted prophecy that she will soon meet her suitor while attending a hilariously turbulent family luncheon with her closest friend Mason. Unsure of Lia’s capacity to choose a mate on her own, her family chooses to put her up on five blind dates. Lia unwillingly agrees to go on these dates, despite the fact that her actual passion and current focus is saving her tea shop a legacy her grandmother bequeathed her. Hu will lead an ensemble cast in the movie. There will be more cast announcements soon. Sydney and Townsville will be the locations of the production. Browse the famous 2024 titles through Lookmovie2 streaming website.