Father Soldier Son 2020

2020, Documentary, War
Father Soldier Son 2020
Directors: Leslye Davis, Catrin Einhorn
Writers: Leslye Davis, Catrin Einhorn
Cast: Brian Eisch, Isaac Eisch, Joey Eisch
Genre: Film 2020 | Documentary, War
Rating: 7.4/10
Descriptions: Complete hd streaming of latest movie Father Soldier Son 2020. The story of the movie revolves around the life of US soldier Brian Eisch. Isaac and Joey are his two sons who believe that they have a superhero for a father. They loved their Dad, Brian Eisch, a decorated, third-generation soldier who spends most of his life in Afghanistan. While his other family members care for the boys. When Brian is injured in a war and returns his home then he became a different person. All three (he and his two sons) must reconcile with the aftershocks of war. Now browse unlimited look movie movies at home without any interruption.