Ezra 2024

2024, Comedy, Drama
Ezra 2024

Title:- Ezra 2024
Directors: Tony Goldwyn
Writers: Tony Spiridakis
Cast: Tony Goldwyn, Robert De Niro, Vera Farmiga
Genre: Films 2024 | Comedy, Drama
Synopsis: Every parent faces problems in raising their child, but few face more intricate ones than Max, the main character in Tony Goldwyn’s “Ezra.” Max dedicates all of his energy to raising his autistic son Ezra, who is eleven years old. But Max finds it difficult to know what Ezra needs and how to help him the most. Max has a well defined perspective on the world and is adamant that Ezra should spend as much time as possible with kids who are neurotypical. But Ezra’s actions are starting to cause problems at his public school. Professionals who are concerned advise specific care and treatment, but Max is against anything that might take away Ezra’s freedom. While Jenna, Max’s ex-wife, accepts these suggestions, she is conflicted about seeing her son suffer in silence. Catch the latest titles of june month through Looks movie streaming platform.