Endangered Species 2021

2021, Action, Thriller
Endangered Species 2021

Title:- Endangered Species 2021
Directors: M.J. Bassett
Writers: Isabel Bassett, M.J. Bassett
Cast: Rebecca Romijn, Philip Winchester, Isabel Bassett
Genre: Film 2021 | Action, Thriller
Rating: 5.0/10
Synopsis: Endangered Species 2021 movie is directed by MJ Basset. Isabel Bassett is the co-writer of the movie. It is based on a story by Paul Chronnell. The movie also stars Rebecca Romijn, Jerry O’Connell, Phillip Winchester, Michael Johnston, and Chris Fisher. In this movie, Jack Hasley takes his wife with their adult kids and a friend for vacation. He takes them for a dream vacation in Kenya, Africa. Even so, as they travel off alone wilderness park. Their safari van turns over by an angry rhino. After that rhino was injured and desperate. Then, as the two of them go in search of saving, a bloody, brutal encounter with a leopard. A clan of hyenas incites a desperate fight for survival. The script spending a good portion. The generic family drama seems determined to paint everyone as a contemptible person. The family includes lying, selfish, oilman dad Jack Halsey. His rebellious stepdaughter Zoe dating slightly older hippie stoner Billy Mason. A gay son Noah, and diabetic wife Lauren. Latest Looksmovie films are streaming for free in HD, watch online now.