There Are No Saints 2022

2022, Action, Crime, Drama
There Are No Saints 2022

Title:- There Are No Saints 2022
Directors: Alfonso Pineda Ulloa
Writers: Paul Schrader
Cast: Neal McDonough Tim Roth, Ron Perlman
Genre: Films 2022 | Action, Crime, Thriller
Rating: 4.2/10
Synopsis: There Are No Saints 2022 is based on Neto Niente is a middle-aged guy serving a jail sentence for a crime wrongfully filed against him by the police when he is unexpectedly cleared and released. Carl Abrahams, who appears to be a pleasant associate, welcomes him back to the other side of the fence. Neto discovers that the dishonest police officer whose false evidence had led to his imprisonment had contracted a deadly ailment and had resolved, out of sheer faith and dread of karma, to right all his wrongs. As part of it, he admitted to falsely accusing Neto of the crime, and the guy was released. Neto, on the other hand, is not a perfect man, having been involved in a number of illicit activities. For streaming, movies registration is not compulsory on the LooksMovie website.