Dream Scenario 2023

2023, Comedy, Horror
Dream Scenario 2023

Title:- Dream Scenario 2023
Directors: Kristoffer Borgli
Writers: Kristoffer Borgli
Cast: Lily Bird, Nicolas Cage, Julianne Nicholson
Genre: Films 2023 | Comedy, Horror
Synopsis: Throughout the course of the movie, Dream Scenario transitions from a sequence of humorous incidents to something darker. And even though Dream Scenario’s tonal shift isn’t entirely successful and the last third of the movie hardly touches on the subject of corporate-funded celebrity and fallout, Nicolas Cage gives a multifaceted performance, and the film’s compelling, astute, and inventive narrative is largely well-executed. Paul Matthews is a tenured professor and evolutionary biologist who finds it difficult to make an impression. His peers don’t give him much attention and don’t think highly of him and he can’t defend his family. Enjoy here best of 2024 Hollywood collections only at LookMovie ag website.