Disenchanted 2022

2022, Adventure, Animation, Comedy
Disenchanted 2022

Title:- Disenchanted 2022
Directors: Adam Shankman
Writers: Brigitte Hales, J. David Stem, David N.Weiss
Cast: Amy Adams, Patrick Dempsey, Maya Rudolph
Genre: Films 2022 | Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Rating: 5.9/10
Synopsis: Giselle and husband Robert are moving their two daughters, Morgan and baby Sofia, to the suburbs at the start of DISENCHANTED. Giselle has finally had enough of dirty New York and has found a castle-looking home in a fairytale-like suburb. Things get off to a rough start: young Morgan is irritated about being moved, the house isn’t quite move-in ready, Robert has a soul-sucking commute, and the other school moms, reigned over by Malvina , are unwelcoming, to say the least. When Giselle is given a magic wand, she makes a wish that her new life becomes a fairytale, and immediately the world around her converts. But what she does not calculate on, and cannot control, is the effect the replacement will have on everyone nearby her, and on the beings of Andalasia back. For the latest genres of movies you can visit Look Movie Website and watch online films without ads and paying.