Breach 2020

2020, Action, SCI-FI
Breach 2020

Directors: John Suits
Writers: Edward Drake, Corey Large
Cast: Cody Kearsley, Bruce Willis, Rachel Nichols
Genre: Film 2020 | Action, Sci-Fi
Rating: 3.6/10
Descriptions: Breach is a future-based movie starring by Bruce Willis. where the Earth going to destroy by a plague so people need a new home to live. New Earth will be the new planet for the people so they struggle to get off the Earth. Bruce Wills with his family and people travel in a space ship for New Earth. But in the middle of their ride Alien attacked by a virus. The virus uses the human body to kill humans. So the movie suspense is about the struggle of their life and alien encounter. LookMovie website provide more action or sci fi movie collection.