Blood Gold 2023

2023, Action, Drama, War
Blood Gold 2023

Title:- Blood Gold 2023
Directors: Peter Thorwarth
Writers: Stefan Barth
Cast: Robert Maaser, J├Ârdis Triebel, Alexander Scheer
Genre: Films 2023 | Action, Drama, War
Rating: 6.6/10
Synopsis: Blood and Gold begins with Heinrich, a lowly private in a small platoon, about to be executed for desertion because he hates his side jobs and wants to go home and find his baby. is But, contrary to the German stereotype of ruthless efficiency, the soldiers simply walk away and leave him to die without making sure the job is done. Paul has an undiagnosed learning disability, and Elsa manages to save him from being sent to the death camps, as many “defective” people were by the Nazis. Director Peter Thorworth strives for the same pulpy-magnificent mix that made the films of Sergio Leone and Corbucci, Franco Nero and others, with their unsettling violence and operatic conflict, so compelling and repulsive. Watch online Blood Gold 2023 action movie in HD format on Lookmovie. There are no need for account registration to watch movies here.